1. These terms and conditions are applicable for the "Cadbury Dairy Milk Happy New Year" Contest being conducted and valid from ‘10th October 2014’ to ‘10th December 2014’. The period of the contest shall hereinafter be referred as "Contest Period". Packs without this offer are also available
  2. Only those consumers who are citizens of India and users of Indian mobile phone connections of participating Mobile Service Providers are eligible to participate in this Contest. This Contest is applicable across India.
    • Contest Details: To avail this offer, the consumer, on purchase of Cadbury Dairy Milk 36gm (Special HNY pack) and Cadbury Dairy Milk 165gm pack , has to give a missed call on 095553 95553 post which consumer will be asked to SMS the batch code at the back of the pack to the provided number (09773889972) to stand a chance to meet Shahrukh Khan. Any consumer who doesn’t provide the right documentation or identity proof on being declared a winner shall have the gratification forfeited at the sole discretion of Mondelez India Foods Limited (hereinafter referred to as “MIFL”).
    • Residents of Tamil Nadu will not be eligible to participate in this contest as this is a chance contest and not legal in Tamilnadu.
    • Any consumer who doesn’t provide the right documentation or identity proof on being declared a winner shall have the gratification forfeited, at the sole discretion of MIFL.

      Documentation or Identity proof in both the above cases involves the following:

      Address proof: Phone or electricity bill.

      Identity proof: Passport, Pancard, driver’s license.

    • There are no assured prizes or gratification
    • Consumers will be communicated about the winning via SMS or call
    • Consumer will be deemed to be a winner only if the communication about winning vis SMS or call is made. The participation shall in no case remain valid post the Contest Period.

      Conditions for meeting Shahrukh Khan:

    • Winner will be given a pass, to meet Shahrukh Khan at a defined place, on a defined date and at a defined time and if he/she misses the event, it will not be rescheduled at his/her convenience.
    • The place, date and time will be decided and may be changed, at the sole discretion of MIFL. MIFL has the sole authority to decide the same. Under no circumstance or situation will the consumer have a right to ask for a modification to be made with respect to the same.
    • All expenses involved, including but not limited to travel, stay, food and any other expense will be borne by the consumer himself/herself.
    • The gratification to meet SRK is non-transferable.
  3. This offer is applicable to all residents of India except Tamil Nadu
    • (Subject to network availability) in their respective areas of network operations and availability
  4. The issuance of any gratification is at the sole discretion of MIFL and is subject to change without notice in any form of what so ever manner.
  5. By sending the SMS for participation in the Contest, the participant expressly allows MIFLto send promotional and other messages with respect to Cadbury Dairy Milk and any other brand of MIFL and contact the participants in the future for promotional purposes, surveys or such other purposes, without any further permissions.
  6. The functioning and operation of the SMS Service is dependent on the Telecom Operators’ Network for which we shall not be responsible in the event of failure of Telecom Operators network transmission or failure of message transmission or for any other reasons whatsoever
  7. Basis the tariff plan of each consumer with their respective service provider the participant will be charged for each SMS that is sent from their respective Mobile Phones.
  8. MIFL shall not be responsible for Downtime on services rendered by the telecom operators / provider that may occur for any reason whatsoever including without limitation due to decisions and / or changes in regulations that are carried out by TRAI, DoT or any other regulatory body. MIFL shall not be responsible for downtime caused due to technical difficulties or downtime created at the telecom operator / provider’s end either due to failure of hardware equipment at the telecom providers end, configuration issues at the end of the Telecom operator /provider’s end, network congestion or for any other reason whatsoever.
  9. The Contest is being conducted by ZipDial Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Technology Partner") on behalf ofMIFL.
  10. After the proposedgratification has been provided, MIFL and its Technology Partner shall stand fully absolved of their obligation under this offer, and shall not be liable in any manner to the consumer and/or his/her legal representatives on any aspect whatsoever.
  11. Participation in the Contest shall be voluntary and at the sole discretion of the Consumer. By participating in this Contest, the consumer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions.
  12. MIFL or its Technology Partner shall not be responsible if for some reason the consumer is unable to send SMS to the above number.
  13. Inability to send SMS to the long code could be due to various reasons such as network congestion, consumer being out of coverage area, network unavailable, third party dependency, or the wrong entry of the code, etc.
  14. MIFL shall not be responsible for misdirected SMS or loss of SMS while sending SMS. Proof of sending SMS is not proof of receipt of the SMS.
  15. MIFL or any of its partners will not be responsible if the SMS from the consumer is not received on the Long Code for any reason whatsoever.
  16. MIFL reserves the right to alter, modify or change any terms and conditions herein or modify/change, discontinue, terminate, withdraw the Contest at any time during the Contest Period at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.
  17. All disputes with respect to this Contest are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts or forums in Mumbai only.
  18. Users can participate multiple times in the Contest by multiple purchases of offer packs limited to 5 successful attempts.
  19. MIFL has the right to contact these participants at any reasonable time after this Contest and use their names and/or numbers for campaign or promotion of MIFL without any further permissions.
  20. There is no entry fee for participating in this programme.
  21. Participants are therefore cautioned to beware of anyone soliciting payments for entry to this program.
  22. By participating in this Contest, the participant fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions mentioned here as well as the decisions of MIFL and/or the IVRS Partner and/or the On-Ground Activation Partner, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Programme.
  23. All entries to the programme will be received only by way of SMS and no communication by any other mode will be valid and considered for registration to this programme.
  24. The SMS services are being managed by the Technology partner. Once the message is received, the rights on the same shall vest with MIFL, its technical partner, and any further use of the same, with the name of the participant, for any promotional or such other purposes can be done by MIFL. However any information provided therein by the participants shall remain with MIFL and shall not be transmitted further unless on a need to know basis or under a subpoena.
  25. MIFL does not accept any responsibility or liability towards the personal security or property of the participants in the course of taking part in the programme.
  26. Products available even without this Offer.
  27. Terms and Condition of this offer shall not override the terms and conditions of already existing offers.
  28. Offer is subject to fulfilment of all statutory and company formalities and payment of applicable charges.
  29. Right to unilaterally cancel offer, without any prior notification, in case of non-fulfillment of formalities or in case wrong/inaccurate information is furnished by the customer.
  30. Decision of the Company in respect of all transactions under this Offer shall be final and binding and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  31. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any alternative offer or promotion of MIFL for the time being in force.
  32. The employees of MIFL shall not be eligible for this Offer.
  33. Any participation in this Offer is purely voluntary and shall be deemed as acceptance of all the terms and conditions of this Offer.
  34. The entry of a winning customer of any lucky draw, held during the ContestPeriod shall not be carried forward for any subsequent lucky draws.